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Om Shanit F*ck/Doll Face @BAC

Om Shani F*ck/Doll Face The New Committee Room at Battersea Arts centre was the setting for this solo performance double bill. Two monologues about young Asian women, growing up in modern Britain trying to explore life outside the expectation of being the "good Indian girl". Om Shanti F*ck was the first story told, with the role of Ambika being expertly portrayed by Janisé Sadik. Ambika is your stereotypical teenage girl, loves her Ivy Park clothing, talking to her mates and has a long term teenage romance. Whilst praying in a Hindu temple she realises one of her worst nightmares has become a reality. She has left a period stain on the carpet. Whilst trying her best not to stand up, in order to keep the stain covered she begins to talk to the audience about her views on the sexist taboos of Indian culture. Thanks to some well thought out sound design, scriptures are heard over the speakers that highlight how outdated some teachings about women are. Ambika explores the

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